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It’s a Very Mardock (if Belated!) Valentine

Darn, I was hoping to have this ready for you all yesterday for Valentine’s Day, but it didn’t happen. (Would you believe a long line at the flower shop?) But today, here’s a present for all you iPad, Phone, iBook people out there:

Behold, Useful Monsters: Mardock Scramble 104 a novelette* in the world of Mardock Scramble, for you, for free! It’s a prequel, very exciting, and also offers a glimpse into the dark future of libertarianism gone mad and vending machine property rights. Do check it out! Of course, Mardock Scramble itself is now also available in the iBookstore! Much lighter than the 800-page print version!

Just a quick note since we’re asked this all the time: Mardock Scramble will also be on Kindle, perhaps as early as this afternoon. Maybe tomorrow. (Would you believe a long line at the flower shop?) The second it goes live I’ll tweet it. And also, we would have loved to offer Useful Monsters for free to Kindle readers as well, but Kindle doesn’t currently allow for free distribution of new titles. We do, however, have a second Mardock Scramble novelette coming right to the World Wide Web in a few weeks! It’ll be a free-for-all that’s truly free for all! So keep an eye out!

*What’s a novelette? It’s a long short story, or a short novella. You know, in the 9-13,000 word range.

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More Kindle books go live

In our desire to get you to buy as many big books as possible, but knowing that your bookshelves are likely groaning, we’re pleased to say that Loups-Garous is now available as a Kindle ebook, and Brave Story is live on Kindle as well. Stay tuned, iPad owners, we’ll get these two titles up for you in a little bit.

And yes, we are planning to roll out ebooks for the other major readers soon. It’ll just take a leeeetle bit more time. Thanks!

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The Ouroboros Wave is an ebook!

Just a quick note for Monday. We didn’t quite get same day release, but The Ouroboros Wave is up on Amazon’s Kindle store now. So knock yourself out!

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Harmony reviews or, we meant to do that!

Here’s a very brief review of Harmony’s ebook edition.

One shouldn’t really “answer” reviews, but in this case I’ll make an exception only to avoid further confusion—in Harmony the story is told partially through HTML (or rather, futuristic emotional-textual markup language or ETML) thanks to the technology in the narrator’s brain. So if you see a page full of HTML in the book, just read it and you’ll see what I mean. Our online excerpt has a sample of the sort of thing you might see. It’s an honest mistake; our ebook production staff started flagging all the HTML when they first started creating the ebook version. I suppose that’s the risk one takes when one tries to be a little avant-garde.

In better news, The Manga Critic has also reviewed the book, writing, in part: Harmony is a solidly entertaining book, offering a judicious mixture of globe-trotting action, social commentary, and suspense to engage all but the hardest science fiction fans, and a surprise ending that neatly resolves the main plot while raising new, thought-provoking questions. Recommended. And it’s fuuuuull of HTML, so check it out!

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