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And now, the table of contents for THE FUTURE IS JAPANESE!

It’s been a long while, but we’ve finally settled on a table of contents for our forthcoming anthology The Future is Japanese.

We have cyberpunk legends, bestselling authors, Hugo and Nebula and Seiun Award nominees and winners, amazing fantasists and some great new authors too. With no further ado, check it out:

“Mono No Aware” by Ken Liu

“The Sound of Breaking Up” by Felicity Savage

“Chitai Heiki Koronbīn” by David Moles

“The Indifference Engine” by Project Itoh

“The Sea of Trees” by Rachel Swirsky

“Endoastronomy” by Toh EnJoe

“In Plain Sight” by Pat Cadigan

“Golden Bread” by Issui Ogawa

“One Breath, One Stroke” by Catherynne M. Valente

“Whale Meat” by Ekaterina Sedia

“Mountain People, Ocean People” by  Hideyuki Kikuchi

“Goddess of Mercy” by Bruce Sterling

“Autogenic Dreaming: Interview with the Columns of Clouds” by TOBI Hirotaka

Check back here next week for a full book page and more fun news!

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Happy Monday!

Good news for Kindle-owners: Rocket Girls, Rocket Girls: The Last Planet, and The Stories of Ibis are now all available on Kindle! Availability on the Apple iBookstore is coming soon as well.

Speaking of Ibis, congratulations to author Hiroshi Yamamoto for winning the Seiun Award in Japan for his novel Kyonen wa iitoshi ni narudarou (Last Year Will Be a Good Year). Haikasoru stalwart Issui Ogawa also won a Seiun this year, for his short story “Arisuma ou no aishita mamono” (King Arisuma’s beloved Demon). All right!

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And the hits just keep on comin’

We had some disruptions, sure, but rest assured we are still chugging along here at Haikasoru HQ. Indeed, today is our favorite day of the month—release day! Be sure to head on down to your local bookstore (or buy here online) our two new titles!

Loups-Garous Like serial killers? Dystopian futures that seem like utopias to its residents? Teen girls? Kooky avant-garde language? Best-selling author Carrie Vaughn is a fan, calling it a “weird future…that’s scarier than the monsters.” Natsuhiko Kyogoku is one of Japan’s most popular and strangest authors—imagine Walter Mosley mixed with Mark Z. Danielewski.

Of if you like your SF the way I like my muscles—HARD—then check out The Next Continent. By the Issui Ogawa, author of The Lord of the Sands of Time, this new title is about a private mission to the moon and the adventures that await. After all, what could possibly go wrong…

Do check them out, and drop us a line to know what you think of our latest Haikasoru books!

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To the moon!

Our pals at io9 have a great post handicapping the likely candidates for the second country (or private entity) to put an astronaut on the moon. I was very interested because, of course, I’m currently sweating out The Next Continent by Issui Ogawa, a novel about a ten-year moon colony project.

Ogawa has picked a horse in this international space race and it’s…care to guess? Nope, not Japan, but China! The Next Continent begins with our heroes visiting a somewhat haphazardly maintained Chinese moon base after buying tickets on a Chang’e spacecraft. But then, of course…nope! The US! They open up “Liberty City”, after being inspired to rejoin the space race. (It’s not really a city though—that’s just political spin.) Well then, certainly…nope! Private enterprise, albeit a Japanese firm, they’re the ones who finally open up a lunar leisure center you’ll have to read about to believe. Be sure to check out The Next Continent this spring, if you’re looking to make any off-world travel plans in, say, 2035.

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