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Fantasy casting for ALL YOU NEED IS KILL?

Note: We have nothing to do with the film version of All You Need Is KILL, and we hear the news when everyone else does—when it hits the Internet.

As many of you already know, All You Need Is Kill is in development at Warner Bros. A script is approved, a director is attached, and now the hunt is on for an actor to play Keiji:

Of course, Hollywood being Hollywood, fidelity to the source text isn’t exactly at a premium. Some months ago, Ryan Gosling was rumored to have received an offer! Well, at least he was young. Then, last week, it was this famous star who got the offer:

Yep, Brad Pitt. Clearly, the story of a young Japanese soldier in a grim future of alien war has been changed. Anyway, over the weekend, a new story broke. Now the film is to be called We Mortals Are, and this guy has been offered the lead role:

Well, at least Tom Cruise is brunette? Personally, I’m surprised that one of the few Asian-American superstars in Hollywood hasn’t been tapped for the role yet:


Keanu Reeves could work? Maybe? Anyway, what do you think? Got any bright ideas for casting the film? This is just a conversation—we have nothing to do with the film—but play casting director and leave us a comment!

Personally, I have what I think is a great idea for the character of the Full Metal Bitch:

Everyone loves Alison Pill, am I right?

Good news

We sort of knew about this already, but it’s been confirmed now. From today’s Variety:

Warner Bros. has tapped Doug Liman to direct time-travel actioner “All You Need Is Kill,” produced by 3 Arts Entertainment.

The studio’s been developing “All You Need Is Kill,” based on the 2004 Japanese novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, since April when it bought Dante Harper’s adaptation. Producers are Erwin Stoff, Tom Lassally and Jason Hoffs with Hidemi Fukuhara exec producing.

Hey, I know two of those guys! Now that the director news is confirmed, we can expect other information to hit over the coming months: who will star, etc. if only Keanu Reeves was fifteen years younger…that’s what the copyeditor in the cubicle next to mine keeps saying, anyway! Anyway, you best pick up a copy of All You Need Is KILL so to better follow along with the wild ride to come. Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s follow-up Slum Online is worth checking out too!

In non-Haikasoru news, the nominees for the World Fantasy Awards have been announced and I am thrilled to see that the motion picture Ponyo has been nominated for the Special Award category! I edited The Art of Ponyo and will be at the World Fantasy Convention this October. I hope to bring home a statue for Mr. Miyazaki!

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