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More Kindle books go live

In our desire to get you to buy as many big books as possible, but knowing that your bookshelves are likely groaning, we’re pleased to say that Loups-Garous is now available as a Kindle ebook, and Brave Story is live on Kindle as well. Stay tuned, iPad owners, we’ll get these two titles up for you in a little bit.

And yes, we are planning to roll out ebooks for the other major readers soon. It’ll just take a leeeetle bit more time. Thanks!

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The Ouroboros Wave is an ebook!

Just a quick note for Monday. We didn’t quite get same day release, but The Ouroboros Wave is up on Amazon’s Kindle store now. So knock yourself out!

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More ebook news

Just a quick update: next Tuesday, 11/9, we’ll be rolling out ebook editions of Yukikaze (with improved text!), Usurper of the Sun, and The Lord of the Sands of Time. They’ll be available as Apple iBooks (for the iPad et al), and for Amazon’s Kindle as well.

Last week when I was at the World Fantasy Convention I met several people who told me that they were going “ebook only”—one even turned down the free books in the WFC goody bags because they existed in physical space. Any hardcore eheads out there? Make yourself known!

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Busy Day—New Books, Kindle, and More!

It is a busy day today! First up, our three new books are live on the site and ready for pre-order!

Hitting in November, just in time for the holiday season, we’ve got two new titles. The Ouroboros Wave we’ve been promoting for a while, but we have something else for you all too:

Dragon Sword and Wind Child is coming to paperback! And yes, we will be publishing a subsequent book in this series as well, later this year.

Then in January we have something very very cool:

Mardock Scramble is going to be big, and I don’t just mean because it’s over 500 pages long. The anime for Mardock Scramble—or rather, for the first third of this book (which was published as three volumes in Japan) will have its world premiere in the US on October 8th at New York Comic Con/Anime Fest. It won’t even open in Japan until November 8th. Author Tow Ubukata will be at the con too, so we will be hearing a lot more about the world of Mardock City very soon. For now, please enjoy the trailer (which is not safe for work-well, unless you’re me):

And last but never ever least, Rocket Girls fans rejoice! Coming in March:

The girls are back in deep space, and deep trouble, in Rocket Girls: The Last Planet!

You know you want ’em.

Finally, we made our first Kindle announcement today, and we already have more news: both Slum Online and The Next Continent are both live on Kindle as of this afternoon. So get to downloading!

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