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SELF-REFERENCE ENGINE is a Philip K. Dick Award nominee!

Well well well, the Philip K. Dick Award nominees, which is for the best science fiction published originally in paperback (just as Dick’s own works were), have been announced. And lookie-lookie, my milk and cookie:

A Calculated Life, by Anne Charnock
The Mad Scientist’s Daughter, by Cassandra Rose Clarke
Self-Reference ENGINE, by Toh EnJoe, translated by Terry Gallagher
Ancillary Justice, by Ann Leckie
Life on the Preservation, by Jack Skillingstead
Solaris Rising 2: The New Solaris Book of Science Fiction, edited by Ian Whates
Countdown City, by Ben H. Winters

I’m sure Toh EnJoe is especially happy, as his friend Project Itoh was nominated for, and received the Special Citation, for the PKD Award for the novel Harmony a few years ago. Congratulations, and we’ll see you all in Seattle!

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Today is the day! Genocidal Organ by Project Itoh is out today. It should be on the shelves of your local bookstore, and online retailers are shipping paper copies and zapping electrons to e-readers as we speak. It’s a bittersweet occasion—we’ve published all three of Itoh’s novels now (have you read Metal Gear Solid: Guns of the Patriots and Harmony yet?) and a novella in The Future Is Japanese. That’s nearly all the Itoh fiction there is, save for a short story called “From Nothing, With Love”. As the author died young in 2009, we’ll never have anything else by him. At least not solely by him. We still might see a posthumous collaboration…

I’m very excited about the book, and took some time to discuss its merits in in an essay for Locus last month, and last week for SF Signal. I hope you check it out!

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The METAL GEAR SOLID giveaway contest!

Here we are again, with another giveaway contest, and this one is for the highly anticipated Metal Gear Solid: Guns of the Patriots.

The rules are simple. Answer this question in a comment to this post: “What’s so great about the Metal Gear series anyway?” I’m not a gamer, so be persuasive. If you want to express your love of MGS in the form of a poem or a snarky one-liner instead of a brief essay, or in Japanese or Spanish or German or French or Greek or Chinese, you may do so! You can also express a negative view of MGS if you like, but then what would you do with the book if you won it, eh? EH?

On Friday at noon Pacific time I’ll choose the four lucky and skilled winners. I don’t choose randomly; you’ll have to actually amuse or interest me with your tiny essay! And yes, we will ship the prize book anywhere in the world, so don’t think you’ll be left out if you’re not in the US.

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And now, the table of contents for THE FUTURE IS JAPANESE!

It’s been a long while, but we’ve finally settled on a table of contents for our forthcoming anthology The Future is Japanese.

We have cyberpunk legends, bestselling authors, Hugo and Nebula and Seiun Award nominees and winners, amazing fantasists and some great new authors too. With no further ado, check it out:

“Mono No Aware” by Ken Liu

“The Sound of Breaking Up” by Felicity Savage

“Chitai Heiki Koronbīn” by David Moles

“The Indifference Engine” by Project Itoh

“The Sea of Trees” by Rachel Swirsky

“Endoastronomy” by Toh EnJoe

“In Plain Sight” by Pat Cadigan

“Golden Bread” by Issui Ogawa

“One Breath, One Stroke” by Catherynne M. Valente

“Whale Meat” by Ekaterina Sedia

“Mountain People, Ocean People” by  Hideyuki Kikuchi

“Goddess of Mercy” by Bruce Sterling

“Autogenic Dreaming: Interview with the Columns of Clouds” by TOBI Hirotaka

Check back here next week for a full book page and more fun news!

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