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Zombieman Zero: Death is Not an Option


Ted Seko’s favorite movie is The Omega Man. He also likes Planet of the Apes and Soylent Green, and (I presume) Charlton Heston.

Seko, a talented artist from Torrance, Calif., has parleyed his obsession with World Gone Mad movies into a brand new comic book called Zombieman Zero, A Science Fiction Comic Book Fantasy. See the promo trailer here.

Like the movies he loves, Seko has delivered a Post Apocalyptic comic book with a “freakin’ hardcore hero.” In line with Heston’s memorable movie characters, Zombieman Zero fights for mankind (The Omega Man), for the truth (Soylent Green), and for Lady Liberty (Planet of the Apes). “The funny thing is,” writes Seko, “even in Pre Apocalypse we all struggle desperately to survive and find peace.” That’s true, but thankful we have yet to encounter any mutant cults, talking apes, or evil companies like Soylent Corporation. For the first issue of Zombieman Zero, contact the artist at pictureperfectpress@hotmail.com

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