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Loups-Garous—Teen Girls Who Actually Do Stuff

Loups-Garous is probably one of our more challenging titles. it’s a mix of SF and mystery in the Japanese mode, with endless tiny elements slowly coming together to create a major total and final effect. In the past I’ve described it as a 600-page haiku. At the same time , however, it’s about a handful of teenage girls—a super-genius; one who dresses all in pink, even down to her contact lenses; an illegal immigrant martial artist; a poor li’l rich girl; and…well, that last one is a spoiler. And they don’t spend all their time talking about boys either.

So, intense and thoughtful social satires written with an avant-garde rigor, but featuring teenybopper protagonists…how does one “slot” that in the marketplace? Our friends at The Innsmouth Free Press, an online magazine of Lovecraftian fiction, has a suggestion in its positive review of our book!

I heartily recommend it to parents with teenagers. It’s bound to produce more interesting dialogue than “Who does Bella love: Edward or Jacob?” Hell, at least there’s a super-genius hacker girl who does stuff. A hell of a lot better than smelling tasty.

Well parents? You have your orders! Go save your children from Twilight with a little Loups-Garous!

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San Diego Comic-Con 2009: Bag in Black

Every year at Comic-Con I see tons of fans waiting in line at the VIZ Media booth hoping to score a free bag. People tell me they’re somewhat collectible. And I have to admit the totes are pretty snazzy. But this year my favorite giveaway bag came from the Ace/Roc crüe. As you can see, it rocks hard, dude.

I was so smitten by the bag I decided to attend the Ace/Roc industry panel. What a gas! I can only hope that one day our Haikasoru books inspire such fervent behavior from readers. People in the audience were squealing with delight as they peeped covers of upcoming books.

It was also fun to see the editors on stage. They were bubbly and cute, and seemed genuinely enthusiastic about the books they worked on. A shiny gold star to both Anne Sowards and Jessica Wade—you guys put a big smile on my face.

In other Comic-Con news: I heard a bit of Twilight bashing on the Bram Stoker panel (apparently vampires aren’t supposed to “sparkle” in the sunlight). And author Patrick Rothfuss (The Name of the Wind) was bold enough to snip at Harry Potter during the Evolution of Fantasy panel. Later, at the Monster Mash panel, there was garageband for pc windows Comic-Con love for Amber Benson (Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer). And finally On the way home late Sunday night, I spied a copy of The Lord of the Sands of Time in the bookstore at SFO. Thus proving that Compass Books is one of the best bookmarts in San Francisco.

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