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THE THOUSAND YEAR BEACH giveaway contest winners!

The Thousand Year Beach is out today! Go buy it…unless you’re one of our four winners! And they are…

Jason, who got sentimental about William Gibson’s Neuromancer!

Jim Rion, who was interested in Tad Williams’s Otherland and its use of the Xhosa language.

Intern Jessica selected John Austin as a winner, perhaps because rather than despite the fact that his answer was just “?” (We get it, the intern wants more challenging assignments.)

Finally, Tatianna, for not just talking about The Matrix, but also The Animatrix!

Thanks everyone for playing, and enjoy your time on The Thousand Year Beach!

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Excerpt for The Thousand Year Beach

Jules lay back against the rocks.

Jules was unable to get a certain thought out of his mind.

Could that old man be my papa?

When exactly had this idea taken up residence in his head?

He did not know.

I’m resident of this Realm, this virtual resort space, thought Jules. Just an NPC AI, built in from the beginning.<

My thoughts, my memories, my body—all a precisely designed set of objects running on the Realm’s system.

But Papa’s different.

Papa’s a guest.

An unidentifiable face in the crowd of thousands who lived in the real world but held memberships in the Costa del Número. Papa used his membership to come to my house, after choosing our Realm of Summer out of countless other Realms and reserving the open role of my papa.

The Realm had many open roles like this. As long as they weren’t already in use, anyone with Costa del Número membership could fill them, regardless of sex or age.

And in that way, a new Papa sat at Jules’s table every day.

His family shared a range of summer pleasures with “Papa.”

But not that old man. So what’s this mysterious kinship, almost like a bond of blood, that I feel around him? (more…)

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