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Haikasoru in Scotland!

Anywhere near Scotland? Please check out the Leith Festival this weekend. A celebration of all things Leith—tours, sporting events, films, dining—the festival also contains a literature track and we will be there! Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Strangers in A Strange Land

A 14-hour literary mash-up. Where the wonderful, the ordinary and the weird collide…

All events un-ticketed – pay what you can on the door (suggested donation £3 per event)

A lot of great stuff will be here…but here’s the money panel:

17:00 Haikasoru/Simon & Schuster SF SCRAMBLE.
Author and Scotsman SF critic Andrew J. Wilson in discussion with translator Edwin Hawkes on the challenges and rewards of translating genre fiction. Interspersed with readings of the very best of Japanese science fiction, fantasy and horror in English, including a sneak preview of the forthcoming English edition of Tow Ubukata’s phenomenal bestselling Mardock Scramble.

Edwin and pals will be reading from Zoo and other Haikasoru titles, as well as the wonderful Mardock Scramble which, as you might have guessed already, Edwin is in the midst of translating for us. So head on down, and you can tell your friends in 2011 when the book comes out, “Oh, I knew about that months ago…

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Recently a coworker went to Kayo Books in downtown San Francisco and scored a mint-condition first-edition copy of Science Fiction Terror Tales. Lucky! This book, containing stories by Ray Bradbury, Philip K. Dick, Robert Heinlein and others, is semi-famous for connecting the dots between science fiction and horror fiction. Author Mike Resnick, for one, credits it for sparking his life-long interest in the weird and bizarre.

Undoubtedly Science Fiction Terror Tales inspired many kids around the world as well. It was even translated into Japanese at one point. Which leads us back to a discussion we had previously on the Haikasoru blog: Why are we publishing a book of horror short stories? The answer is: why not? We’re thrilled to include ZOO by Otsuichi in our catalog. As Nick wrote earlier, “There’s a long tradition of horror being published alongside (and even as) SF and fantasy… the appeal is often broadly similar.”

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