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More ebook news

by nickmamatas

Just a quick update: next Tuesday, 11/9, we’ll be rolling out ebook editions of Yukikaze (with improved text!), Usurper of the Sun, and The Lord of the Sands of Time. They’ll be available as Apple iBooks (for the iPad et al), and for Amazon’s Kindle as well.

Last week when I was at the World Fantasy Convention I met several people who told me that they were going “ebook only”—one even turned down the free books in the WFC goody bags because they existed in physical space. Any hardcore eheads out there? Make yourself known!

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4 Responses to “More ebook news”

  1. Corti says:

    I’m of the camp where physical is always better. I love having a book to hold in my hands. Ebooks are nice and all, and probably is where the future of books is headed, but I still love the feeling of paper between my fingers.

  2. Seth Merlo says:

    I’m very quickly becoming an ‘ehead’ – love my iPad and love reading on it. My preference is for iBooks/epub; I don’t use the Kindle app all that much. iBooks is a little slicker than Kindle, I think. Having said that, if I read an ebook and absolutely love it, I will still track down a physical copy for the shelf, and I don’t think I’d ever turn down free books.

  3. issyapi says:

    Still prefer the physical book to the electonic version… no need battery, no recharge hustle, not attracting thief, I can read it anytime anywhere in the world even without electricity.

  4. nickmamatas says:

    Can’t argue with those great points. I don’t think ebooks will replace the printed page in the same way DVDs, for example, so quickly and completely replaced VHS tapes. I suspect it’ll end up being more like the relationship between films released to theaters and the complex of DVD sales, video stores, streaming video, we see today.

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