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Sushi! In! Spaaaaaaace!

by nickmamatas

We have an elevator at the office here and in the elevator is a “service” that goes by the very Phildickian name The Captivate Network. It’s basically a little monitor that flashes slides of news, weather, human resources advice for managers (yipes!), and, of course, advertising. Usually, I avert my eyes because staring at a little box while trapped in a big box is the road to madness, but today I looked and saw a slide explaining that Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi made sushi in space while on the International Space Station.

Further, Space.com has video! (Sadly, it’s not embeddable, but click the link.)

It was kismet I thought, as I just got back the pages to The Next Continent as laid out by our wonderful freelance designer, and that novel is not just about a private mission to the moon, it really does have a strong subplot dealing with what people might want to eat when they get there. Japan is one of the great foodie cultures of the world as anyone who has seen Iron Chef or read the VIZ manga Oishinbo knows, and The Next Continent holds true to that tradition. Can’t wait for you all to see it in May! Hell, I just can’t wait for the book to be off my desk!

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