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We Are Not Alone!

by nickmamatas

I was going to do the Holiday Shopping Guide today, so you could all run out and buy great Haikasoru titles for your friends and relatives based on their personalities and whatnot, but instead I figured I’d put up a link to THE MOST IMPORTANT NEWS IN THE HISTORY OF HUMANITY!

Nasa scientists discover evidence ‘that alien life exists on Saturn’s moon’

Researchers at the space agency believe they have discovered vital clues that appeared to indicate that primitive aliens could be living on the moon.

Data from Nasa’s Cassini probe has analysed the complex chemistry on the surface of Titan, which experts say is the only moon around the planet to have a dense atmosphere.

They suggest that life forms may have been breathing in the planet’s atmosphere and also feeding on its surface’s fuel.

Holy moly! Okay, so it’s not quite a fleet of attack ships churning through the inky blackness of space, or even definitive proof of extraterrestrial life, but it’ll do. It’ll do for a slow news week anyway. NASA’s big press conference on the subject is tomorrow—prepare to be disappointed, but today have fun with the idea.

Uh, by the way, in The Ouroboros Wave author Jyouji Hayashi posits life on Europa, one of the major moons of Jupiter. Shucks, he was off by one measly gas giant planet!

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One Response to “We Are Not Alone!”

  1. Marc McKenzie says:


    Somewhere in England, SF author Stephen Baxter is laughing out loud (he posited this in his novel TITAN).

    Loving THE OUROBOROS WAVE so far….

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