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And now, your moment of Zen

by nickmamatas

I found out tonight that Haruki Murakami has a twitter. He doesn’t tweet much. He is also only following a single other twitter account.

The one belonging to David Lynch.

And people say the universe doesn’t make sense!

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3 Responses to “And now, your moment of Zen”

  1. Emily says:

    Do you think it’s really him? I have this feeling it’s not, although I was wishing he had an account. Check this out: http://twitter.com/murakami_haruki Feeling like that is prooooobably not him, either. I just wrote to knopfpublicity (the address listed on his website) so I hope they can clear this up :) I would love to read his tweets, were there any.

  2. Emily says:

    PS – If you have hard evidence, that is another story. I didn’t really think of that because I am so used to being extremely skeptical of Twitter accounts. Honestly, it’s possible they are BOTH his, but I just…I dunno. I can’t believe it yet lol I hope Knopf writes back 😉

  3. nickmamatas says:

    Well, it is a moment of zen. What is “really” supposed to mean in such a context? :)

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