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Charles Brown, 1937-2009

by nickmamatas

While perhaps not widely known to the manga/anime scene, Charles Brown was a fixture in the world of science fiction for decades. His magazine Locus is the go-to trade magazine for the field of SF publishing, and was honored with twenty-nine Hugo awards. He was also a Bay Area institution; his sprawling house and massive collection in the Oakland Hills hosted many many parties for writers and editors when they came to town. I only ever attended one—I ate far too many of those little quiches they serve at such events—but that was when I knew I’d arrived as a part of the science fiction community.

Locus will continue, but Charles can never be replaced. A preliminary obituary is here, and there will surely be more appreciations and tributes to follow.

Everyone here at Haikasoru offers their condolences to those Charles left behind. RIP.

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