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Hello, World!

by nickmamatas

Welcome to Haikasoru.com. Haikasoru—that’s “high castle” with a Japanese accent—is the brand new imprint of Japanese science fiction (with plenty of fantasy and even a dash of horror) in translation, brought to you by VIZ Media. And this is our blog. Here we’ll run excerpts of our forthcoming fiction, essays by our staff, original short fiction from Japan, and the usual sort of “Hey, lookie here!” sort of webloggery one does on the Internet these days.

I’m Nick Mamatas, Haikasoru’s editor. As the name implies, we’re SF fans of fairly longstanding. In Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle, Japan, having won the Second World War, has occupied the American west coast, including California. VIZ, a company specializing in Japanese media, has its main outpost right off Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. We do hope to take over. Until that day, though, every time I mention where in The City I work, I get the response, “You work on Fisherman’s Wharf? Really? At which Ben & Jerry’s?” In addition to leading the charge for Haikasoru, I also edit VIZ’s “tradebooks”—the novels, art books, non-fiction, and other stuff that isn’t manga. I’m not your only blogger though, there is also…

Eric Searleman, a guy who edits both original comics and Japanese comics. He digs hot rods, skateboards, Leigh Brackett, and spicy food. He also has a mad fascination with Orientalism. He read a ton of Andre Norton novels as a child (mostly due to the Jeff Jones cover art), and is still hopelessly devoted to kaiju eiga and tokusatsu silliness. In other words, he’s a professional nerd.

Masumi Washington, the editor-in-chef of Haikasoru imprint. We’re also hoping to make this blog a truly international experience, including some content in Japanese and other languages. No matter where you are reading us from, feel free to leave a comment saying hello. And for our Japanese readers, here’s a hello for you:

日本のSFファンの皆さん、Haikasoru.comにようこそ! 日本のSF/ファンタジー作品の英訳を定期的に発行してゆくインプリントとして、このブログを日本と英語圏のSFファンが集まれる場にしたいと考えています。英語で書き込んでいただければベストですが、日本語でのコメントも大歓迎ですので、ぜひ気軽に参加してください。日本語でのやりとりを、どなたかがときどき英訳をヘルプしてくれて、それに英語圏の読者がコメントを返し、どんどん話が続けられる・・というようなことがあれば楽しいな、と思っています。英語圏読者は、Haikasoru作品のみならず、日本のSFって何だ!ということに興味津々だと思うので、皆さんからのご意見、ご要望含め、書き込みをお待ちしています。

That’s all for now. Keep clickin’ and we hope to hear from you soon.

7 Responses to “Hello, World!”

  1. Nate Southard says:

    Very excited about Haikasoru. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of Zoo.

  2. paul tremblay says:

    Site looks great, so do the books. All I need is kill.

  3. Carrie L. says:

    Looking good! Nice logo.

    But you should put the author’s names under the books….

  4. flarekary says:

    This is interesting, thanks for you guys taking time to translate japanese novels…I hope you guys will do Heroic Legend of Arslan.

  5. ExcuseMe says:

    Thank you very much, and Good luck!

    I hope that you pick up Yamada Masaki(山田正紀), Ohara Mariko(大原まり子), Noa Azusa(野阿梓), Yumemakura Baku(夢枕獏), Kasai Kiyoshi(笠井潔), Aramata Hiroshi(荒俣宏).

    Pardon me for being poor in English.

  6. nickmamatas says:

    Hello! Thanks for the suggestions. We were proud to publish Masaki Yamada before we began Haikasoru—the English edition of Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence was one of ours!

  7. ExcuseMe says:

    >We were proud to publish
    > Masaki Yamada before
    > we began Haikasoru—the
    > English edition of Ghost in the
    >Shell 2: Innocence was one of ours!

    Excellent! Thank you!

    In the novel on Yamada Masaki, I enjoyed “Houseki Dorobou”(「宝石泥棒」,“Jewel Thieve”?). It constructed the ecosystem based on the myth and the legend in east and west. Heroes who receive the mission that regains the moon travel across the world.
    Moreover, I enjoyed“Konron Yuugekitai”(「崑崙遊撃隊」,“Kunlun Irregulars”?),“Chikyuu Seishin Bunseki Kiroku”(「地球・精神分析記録」,“Psychoanalysis Record of/on the Earth”?),“Shuugeki no Melody”(「襲撃のメロディ」,“Melody of Attack”?),“Miroku Sensou”(「弥勒戦争」,“Maitreya War”?),“Shin Juu Seisen”(「神獣聖戦」,“Holy War of Gods and Beasts”?).

    Pardon me for being poor in English.


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