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housekeeping update

by nickmamatas

Regulars may have noticed that some comments have vanished, and that we were a bit late in publishing our latest post-we had promised it last week. Just some server-side issues we’ve been experiencing. We as a rule don’t delete comments once they are approved, so please don’t think we’re out to get you or anything like that. And yes, yes, we have received all those emails and comments about that particular book some of you out there in Internetland would like to see you publish.


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4 Responses to “housekeeping update”

  1. Steve says:

    “particular book”? Is it Legend of the Galactic Heroes by Tanaka? I saw ppl talking about that here on the comments a few days ago. I know the anime, a release by Haikasoru would be the bomb.

  2. nickmamatas says:

    Just so! We’ve been getting many emails about that series as well. It’s a pretty lengthy series with fifteen volumes so, as you can likely guess, a lot of thinking and negotiation might be involved in any particular action we might (or might not!) take.

    Sorry to be coy, but that’s business for ya!

  3. Steve says:

    I looked it up. It has 10 Volumes. It’s logical that the longer the novels, the higher the financial risk. But propably it is possible to just try out 1 Volume and if it sells well, you could go on. Series like Honor Harrington sell very well in the US, and Galactic Heroes is far superior than that series when it comes to quality of epic story telling.

  4. Daniel H. says:

    Actually, there are ten volumes to the main storyline, followed by five volumes of side stories.

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