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Subtle Hints!

by nickmamatas

And now, two very oblique hints about the identity of two of the books you’ll be seeing from us in 2011! You can guess, of course, but I’ll neither confirm nor deny until the time is right.



(I chose this cover version because the original video is not safe for work.)

Happy guessing!

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9 Responses to “Subtle Hints!”

  1. Owen S says:

    Legend of the Galactic Heroes seems pretty obvious for the first one, but I’m stumped as to the second. Kara no Kyoukai?

  2. Eric Fleenor says:

    The first hint could be for Ten Billion Days and Hundred Billion Nights by Ryu Mitsuse.

  3. ExcuseMe says:

    The second hint could be for‘Aphrodite’(アフロディーテ) by Yamada Masaki(山田正紀) or for ‘Eros’(エロス) by Hirose Tadashi(広瀬正)?

  4. DanielH. says:

    Hmmm…I don’t think it’s “Aphrodite,” since an English edition of that already exists.

  5. Loptous says:

    I noticed this site :

    …put Ten Billion Days and Hundred Billion Nights on preorder last month.
    Viz is marked as “producer” as well.

    Can’t say this is completely reliable though, as it is the only site I’ve found with this info.

  6. nickmamatas says:

    *whistles innocently*

  7. […] with an ETA of September 2011. Since this was one novel suggested by commenters when Haikasoru posted hints about new licenses (which I mentioned a while back), it looks pretty legit. This entry was […]

  8. ExcuseMe says:

    To Mr. DanielH.
    I think “Aphrodite” is possible. Because of “Battle Royal” “Brave Story” “Dragon Sword and Wind Child”.

    Pardon me for being poor in English.

  9. Daniel H. says:

    To ExcuseMe,

    What I meant was that a different publisher (not Viz/Haikasoru) has it, so unless their contract expires or some kind of deal is made between the two companies, it seems unlikely. Sorry for my poor English! (笑)

    By the way, do you post on any other SF forums (Japanese or English)? It sounds like we could have an interesting conversation about Japanese SF.

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