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You know who is chatty? Jeff Vandermeer, that’s who!

by nickmamatas

I was interviewed about some of our latest releases at Omnivoracious, the multi-genre multi-author amazon.com blog, by Jeff Vandermeer.

Jeff is one of fantasy’s most important writers and editors, and he likes to spend his copious spare time blogging and doing push-ups. So it’s almost like we’re twins! (Except for the push-ups.) Anyway, click on the link to find out about female characters in hard SF, why the twist at the end isn’t what makes Twilight Zone episodes great, and why someone would actually say something awful like, “She had healthy, tanned skin and larger than average breasts…Of the three types of women the human race boasted–the pretty, the homely, and the gorillas you couldn’t do anything with save ship ’em off to the army–I’d put her in the pretty category.”

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One Response to “You know who is chatty? Jeff Vandermeer, that’s who!”

  1. ghg says:

    I continue to be amazed by how Haikasoru is blazing a path.

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