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VIRUS giveaway winners!

by nickmamatas

And it’s Friday, so it’s time to announce our winners for the Virus giveaway contest!

First up, Carl Tropea for his tiny poem, which we reproduce here in its entirety:

Will end when
God awakes.

Then we have Christina, who wins for this line: “Giggling, the universe ponders on what this strange word ‘end’ might mean.”

We also liked the entry from NF, who points out that the apocalypse can be escapist too: “The stories are out there for our comfort. Because it’s kinda all right if we all die together. Makes the waiting time more bearable.”

Finally, Two Sparkles, for his or her terrifying vision of the future: Had a dream last night of a packed auditorium filled to capacity with the undead. There was among them a single human untouched and walking about freely. Seems they accepted him as one of their own…. Steven Tyler.

That’s it for this month, and indeed this year! We’ll have more fun giveaways in 2013!

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