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Yukikaze or, The New Hawtness

by nickmamatas

It’s been cold here in the Bay Area, cold enough that we’ve actually seen a few flakes of snow in the wind coming over the wharf.

Wait, did someone say snowy wind? Why that reminds me of something else that showed up today!

Behold, the advance copies of Yukikaze, the classic of military SF from Japan. Chohei Kambayashi’s classic spawned a sequel and a very popular anime series. We’re thrilled to bring you this first English-edition and just in time for…well, not the holidays, but in time to use any gift certificates you may receive for the holidays. Yukikaze can be pre-ordered now, but will be in stores in mid-January.

Check out with military SF legend David Drake and Hammer’s Slammers author had to say about Yukikaze:

Yukikaze may be the perfect bridge between anime and the sort of military SF which I write. The novel is a clean, detached look at war and warriors: fast-moving, poetic, and precise even when describing passion. A remarkable book, unique in my experience.

Well, what are you waiting for? I mean, other than when the book is released next month! Add it to wishlists and add a postscript to your letter to Santa today.

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One Response to “Yukikaze or, The New Hawtness”

  1. Wolfgirl says:

    Thank You! Thank you! I just got Yukikaze last night, I had it pre ordered. I have been waiting so long for a book like this to come out. Ive watched and own the anime and I am so happy that to book is just as good, if not better. Now!, when are they going to release the other two novels in the series???? I hope very very soon


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